Welcome to Miyay Birray

The Miyay Birray Youth Service is a community based, not for profit organisation based in Moree.

Miyay Birray works to support the development of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people (between 12 and 18 years). We do this be providing a range of services and by building partnerships within the community between young people, business, organisations, government and educational institutions.

Case Management

The Miyay Birray Youth Service provides Case Management for young people and families with children 18 years and under. Our case workers support clients in a number of ways depending on what is happening for them at the time. Often a young person will be allocated their own case worker and work with them to develop achievable goals. Clients are welcome to continue to return to case management as they require. Case management aims to help provide young people and their families with the skills necessary to build resilience in order to overcome the barriers in their lives.

Our caseworkers can work with clients who may be experiencing a range of issues including (but not limited to):

Disengagement form education/training

Lack of employment

Financial hardship/ Centrelink issues

Drug and alcohol use

Physical or mental health concerns

Family/Domestic violence

Court or other legal problems

Family/relationship breakdown

Quick Contact

The Miyay Birray Youth Service is a community based, not for profit organisation based in Moree.

(02) 6752 6038

Our Programs

Miyay Birray provides a range of recreational, educational and social programs based on specific and important issues relating to young people and their development.  Our programs are designed to create opportunities for young people to become more involved in making decisions for themselves, and to have a say within the community in which they are apart of. By doing this, our services equip young people with the confidence to set goals and achieve what may have been considered unachievable.

We take a holistic approach to youth and community development. Young people make positive contacts during the course of our programs with other government and non-government agencies, this provides assistance and support for young people when they need it most.

Our school holiday programs provide recreational and education activities designed to enhance self esteem and personal development.

Every school holiday period we run a range of activities such as:

The Aboriginal Fathers’ Program aims to address the support needs of Aboriginal fathers and their extended families.  The project will work with fathers in the identified communities and the existing services to improve access and participation of Aboriginal fathers and carers of children aged 0-5 years and their extended families in the area.

The project will work with Aboriginal fathers and community organisations to identify issues associated with parenting and child development.Strategies to achieve these aims will include:

  • Working closely with Aboriginal fathers to provide information and workshops on parenting, child development, health programs and to develop local support networks;
  • Liaison with community organisations, Family Support Services, Child and Family Health Nurses, AMIHS and Preschools to inform them of issues affecting Aboriginal fathers;
  • Establish links with transition to school programs and encourage the participation of Aboriginal fathers in early education ;

Establishing outreach programs in a range of existing culturally appropriate facilities where possible to encourage links between Aboriginal fathers and services

HIPPY provides your child with a structured, education-focused program that lays the foundations for success at school. You teach your child literacy, numeracy and language skills as well as physical skills so they are school-ready and develop a love of learning that lasts throughout their lives.

HIPPY benefits your child by:

  • encouraging a love of learning
  • maximising their chance of enjoying and doing well at school
  • promoting language and listening skills and developing concentration
  • building self-esteem and confidence in ­learning
  • improving relationships between parents and children.

The HIPPY approach is based on evidence that children’s earliest and most powerful learning comes from their family. This evidence shows that encouraging literacy and numeracy in early childhood sets children up for success in learning throughout their lives.

Over two years (in the years before and after starting school), HIPPY children work through weekly or fortnightly packs of play-based, educational activities with their parents and family. They are encouraged to ask questions and try new things, developing their confidence and passion for learning, which enables school-readiness.

You are supported to shape your child’s learning opportunities around their strengths and interests; and to bring learning off the activity pack page and into the world. We call it‘Everywhere Learning’: parents take HIPPY activities to everyday situations or in places, encouraging other family members to get involved.


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HIPPY Co-ordinator

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